Recently I had the opportunity to spend a week in Mexico City for work. It was when New York and the east coast of the United States was blanketed by the wildfire smoke from Canada. Who'd have thought that the air quality in NYC would be far worse than that in CDMX. Unfortunately, I got cursed by the Revenge of Montezuma, which stopped me from going out for dinner for much of the week, "preferring" instead to spend the evening with or on a porcelain friend in the hotel room. 
As the plane started approaching and descending towards the Mexico City airport I noticed the land below with its patterns of roads and vegetation in what seemed like a mostly dry landscape. I loved the graphics and envisioned from the start that these images might work well as contrasty black & white abstracts. Before the introduction of the Dehaze-slider into Lightroom these images might not have been possible. 
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