Grounds for Sculpture is a wonderful outdoor art museum in Hamilton, NJ, featuring numerous sculptures in a beautiful garden. Next door is a great restaurant, Rats, with an outdoor terrace with a beautiful, Monet-inspired pond and garden, including a bow bridge.
We went for our anniversary in November 2020, after not having been to any restaurants in many months, thanks to Covid. Normally this is not the type of restaurant where we would bring our picky eater kids, but this was totally worth it. My wife and I had a great grown-up lunch, a cocktail or two, while the kids had kids food (think pasta with butter or pancakes, sliders..). After this truly wonderful experience I didn't feel the urge to go to any restaurants for literals months.
The below images are from that afternoon. I tried not just to document someone else's artwork, but highlight features that stuck out to me. 
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